About Low GI and Low GI rice

The Low Glycemic Index, or Low GI, identifies which foods are less likely to have a substantial impact on blood sugar levels. Foods with a low GI score are those with a score of less than 55. These foods include carbs that take longer for the body to transform into sugar than foods with a high GI. Foods that are digested fast cause sugar levels to rise quickly. Slowly digested foods aid in the maintenance of blood sugar levels, resulting in a slower and smaller rise.

Slowing the flow of glucose into the bloodstream has been shown to be significantly better for the body, from enhancing energy levels to managing weight, diabetes, and other health issues.

 About Low GI Rices And Low GI Rice Benefits

Low GI index score

  • low-GI foods or low gi rice or low glycemic rice score under 55
  • medium-GI foods score 55–70
  • high-GI foods score above 70

Any food that has a Glycemic score below 55 falls under LOW GI foods or Low GI Rice or low glycemic rice.

Why follow a Low GI diet?

  • Want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight
  • Need help planning and eating healthier meals
  • Need help maintaining blood sugar levels as part of a diabetes treatment plan
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • May reduce risks of cancer
  • May reduce the risk of heart disease.

 What is Low GI rice and Low GI Rice Benefits?

Rice is one of the most consumed staple foods in most Asian countries. There are many varieties of low GI rice that exist – distinguished on the basis of length and shape, texture, color, and even aroma. AMUSE brings diverse varieties of low Glycemic Rice with each ushering in a set of benefits. One can choose depending on their palette and choice.

Low GI Rice Benefits:

  • Help to control diabetes.
  • Improve digestive health.
  • Reduce oxidative stress.
  • Helps to treat constipation.

Why Ctrl-G Rice!

Let’s start with the basics. Most varieties of Rice may trigger illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases that can be owed to high levels of Glycemic Index (GI). AMUSE brings Ctrl-G Low GI Rice that’s a healthier option, as it minimizes the harmful implications of rice without compromising on taste, structure, aroma and color.

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