Our Story

Our Story

The AMUSE team comprises diverse-minded individuals who share similar interests and a collective vision to identify tasty, healthy, and nutritious food across cultures and traditions.
Before AMUSE came into being, the team consulted several Dieticians and Nutritionists, only to discover that most people are inconsiderate towards healthy food owing to lack of knowledge and exposure – or sometimes even by choice. This got us curious and on further research, we started curating a vast basket of food products that means taste, health, and nutrition.

Starting with the staple: Rice

AMUSE is here to add healthy alternatives to your everyday diet. And we’ve started this journey with one of the most popular staple-foods of our country: Rice. We bring several varieties of rice with low Glycemic Index (GI) score and numerous health benefits. Because we discovered that the regular varieties of Rice i.e., Sona Masoori and similar variants have high GI score that can cause slow, but sure damage to health. We are here to help people savour their favourite food without compromising on health.
Ram comes with a vast experience in the Catering sector, having served on-site and off-site that included ONGC. He also has an interest in Construction and has had a stint with a private company imparting Project Management fundamentals.
Ramachandra Sreekakulam
Designated Partner
Siddharth is the youngest member of AMUSE. He brings his Marketing and Advertising experience gained from the sectors of Healthcare and Film Industries, and has now decided to step into the FMCG sector.
Siddharth Penugonda
Designated Partner
Phalguna has an MS from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and has rich experience in various fields. He brings his vast global experience as a Social Entrepreneur and is at the helm of various trust funds. He holds an export license and has been exporting Basmati rice to Middle Eastern countries.
Phalguna Lagisetty
Dr. Vamsi brings his vast experience from the arenas of ERP and Business Transformation Consulting, having been a part of Big 4 for over 14 years. He has experience in planning and managing multimillion-dollar global projects across US, Europe, APAC and India, aligning business goals with technological solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains.

Dr. Vamsi Sreekakulam
Chief Advisor

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