Best Rice Varieties for people with Diabetes

DiabetIc patients are constantly told that their diet of rice is to be blamed for their rise in diabetic level. Is that correct? Let's dispel some misconceptions first. It is commonly believed that consuming rice raises blood sugar levels because of the starch and carbohydrate content, hence it shouldn't be...
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5 Common Health Benefits Of Curd Rice Or Dahi Chawal With The Recipe

Introduction   Curd rice or dahi chawal is a refreshing take on rice and is loved by people across all age groups. Curd Rice is made with curd or yogurt, and spices, which makes it a very healthy dish. In this article we will tell you about 5 common health...
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How to Cook Starch-free Rice if you have Diabetes?

In India, diabetes is one of the most standard health disorders. It is a condition where a body naturally is either unable to create enough insulin or is unable to utilise the insulin that is already there. Diabetes was once believed to be a hereditary disorder, but today it is...
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