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Food is our greatest lifeline. Beyond that, quality food is the plant that keeps up our health and lifestyle. But then the humans that we are, we want everything together – taste, health, and nutrition. So, how about products where you don’t need to compromise between health and taste? The good news is, Mother Nature has many ways to keep us going on her planet, and food is one of the many – although the most significant one…

What is Low GI? And how is Low GI diet helpful?

Glycemic index (GI) is a measurement system that ranks foods according to their effect on your blood sugar levels. The rates at which different foods raise blood sugar levels are ranked in comparison with the absorption of 50 grams of pure glucose. Pure glucose is used as a reference food and has a GI value of 100.

The three GI ratings:

1. High
70 and above
2. Medium
Between 56 and 69
3. Low
55 and lower

Why Ctrl-G ?

One name for High Nutrition and Low GI Score

Rice is an energy-giving staple food packed with nutrition. Most rice variants, when consumed, result in significant changes in Blood Glucose Levels. To control that, Ctrl G brings to you distinct variety of rice – engineered by Prof. Jayashankar Agricultural University, Telangana, that results in a slow and consistent rise of sugar levels, followed by a slow and consistent decline, thereby avoiding sharp spikes and falls in blood sugar levels, whilst it also helps in combating other health diseases.

Other Benefits

Increases energy & endurance

Promotes healthy heart

Boosts immune system

Aids in weight management

Reduces risk of cancer

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AMUSE promises healthy food to you, your family and friends. Ctrl G Rice which is scientifically tested and clinically proven gives you results immediately.

Nope, not a Gimmick, let us explain how?

Ctrl G Rice breaks down carbohydrates slowly and releases glucose gradually into the bloodstream, this not only makes us feel satiated but also controls the spikes in our blood glucose levels. This can also be tested by checking the sugar levels after 2-3 hours of consuming the rice.

We can proudly say that the Ctrl G Rice is a much better and safer alternative staple to brown rice, black rice, red rice, millets, roti and all other bland dietary foods, thus making it the best choice for people suffering with diabetes and also for those who are into weight management and also for those who are health-centric.
Low GI Rice for 2 diabetic people


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