Which Rice is Best for Sugar patients?

Rice is a staple diet for many people across the country. However serious health concerns like diabetes devoid a majority of the population from enjoying rice as a part of their daily diet. Everyone might be wondering which rice is the best choice keeping into consideration the health concerns of...
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Benefits of Consuming Curd Rice In Summer

Scorching heat and loo invading the summer season calls for some soul-chilling food. Curd rice is one of the most relaxing and calming foods one can consume in summer. Also known as yogurt rice, curd rice originated in India.  The curd rice dish is popularly preferred in Southern Indian states like...
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The Amazing Health Benefits of Consuming Rice

The debate of rice being a healthy or unhealthy option still prevails. While consuming rice is considered a bit unhealthy because it has a high glycemic index rate making it an unhealthy option for diabetic people. However healthier substitutes like the low glycemic index rice and other types of rice...
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