Learn 7 Great Ways To Make Perfect Low GI Rice Every Time

Whatever method you use, you must thoroughly wash the rice. The right method is to strain the rice through a sieve into a big pan filled with cold water. Hand-wash the rice as you would any other meal, then remove the strainer from the pan and dip it several times...
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Low-Glycemic index diet: What’s behind the claims?

Description: Learn about the low-glycemic index diet and an eating plan that is based on how food affects blood sugar levels. A low-glycemic index (low-GI) diet is an eating plan that is focused on how foods impact blood sugar, also known as blood glucose level. The glycemic index rates foods...
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Mango rice: A source of respite in this scorching heat

Tangy summers and even the tangier mango season are the reasons that summers are tolerable. Everyone knows that the beginning of summer calls for a mango shower, where everyone enjoys plenty of dishes and drinks involving mangoes. Whether it's aam panna or mango shakes, summers are a bliss for mango...
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