Which healthy rice is best for a diabetic? – low glycemic index rice analysis

Is there healthy rice that is suitable for diabetics? Is parboiled rice superior to raw rice or also known as immunity booster rice? What effect can ponni, Sona masuri, Basmati, and so on have on your blood sugar levels? To discover the answer, let us take a deep dive, then...
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What is type 2 diabetes? Is Low GI Rice, Best for Type 2 Diabetics People ?

In today’s Generation Diabetes is a very common health issue. Diabetes is caused when the pancreas does not create enough insulin or the body may not use the insulin it produces adequately, resulting in a chronic condition. Insulin is a hormone that aids in the control of blood sugar levels....
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Low GI Diet and Pregnancy

Food choices during pregnancy can impact a child’s future health long after they have been born, so it’s vital to eat well during this time. Studies have found that a mother’s diet during pregnancy can ‘program’ her child’s metabolism in both good and bad ways. A poor diet during pregnancy...
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