How to Cook Starch-free Rice if you have Diabetes?

In India, diabetes is one of the most standard health disorders. It is a condition where a body naturally is either unable to create enough insulin or is unable to utilise the insulin that is already there. Diabetes was once believed to be a hereditary disorder, but today it is typically brought on by a sedentary lifestyle.

Diabetes cause a raise in blood glucose levels, which might further result in conditions relating to the heart. By making a few adjustments to our lifestyle and nutrition, diabetes may be managed. To learn how to keep in shape while eating starch-free rice, continue reading.

Why Are You Told to Avoid Rice

Many people recommend diabetic people to avoid eating rice. A diabetic diet does not include rice for the following reasons:

  • Rice contains a significant quantity of carbohydrate, which causes our bodies’ blood sugar levels to rise.
  • Rice contains no fiber and hence does not aid in the management of blood sugar levels.
  • Because of its high GI, rice is not a healthy food for diabetics.
  • Rice includes carbs that liquefy and turn into the sweetener glucose. Diabetes makes it harder for people to use insulin, which causes blood sugar levels to rise even higher.

Does this imply that you are supposed to eliminate rice because you have diabetes? Not necessarily you just have to replace your regular white rice with Amuse Ctrl G Low GI white rice.

Method to Cook Starch-free Rice:

Rice should be made without the starch and then supplemented with meals high in protein. You can also refer to it as rice without starch for diabetes. Cook rice devoid of starch by following the instructions below:

  • Rice should be placed in a large bowl. Rinse the rice well.
  • Grab a pan and start heating some water in it. You must take three times as much water as you plan to cook with in order to cook the rice.
  • Now add the washed rice in the boiling water. For approximately 5 to 6 minutes, cook over a medium burner.
  • When the rice starts to boil, you’ll see that a lathered, thick, creamy substance starts to float on the water’s surface. Starch is the topic under discussion.
  • Allow the rice to cook until there is less water in the pan. On the water’s surface, you can see floating grains of rice.
  • Check to see if the rice is done. They are cooked if you find them to be soft and supple.
  • At this point, extinguish the flame and take the pan from the stove. Now drain the pan’s extra water (starchy water).
  • The rice without starch is prepared for consumption. Serve them together with dal, curries, or veggies.
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