It is a myth that tasty rice is not healthy. But the fact is that there are few varieties of rice which is both healthy and tasty. Ctrl-G Rice, Low Glycemic Index Rice, is a healthier option that minimizes the harmful implications of regular rice without compromising on taste, structure,...
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About Low GI and Low GI rice

The Low Glycemic Index, or Low GI, identifies which foods are less likely to have a substantial impact on blood sugar levels. Foods with a low GI score are those with a score of less than 55. These foods include carbs that take longer for the body to transform into...
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Ways to get your health back on track post Covid – 19

After everything that’s happened with the pandemic, this new year is a year where all of us would agree that health and wellness is the most important wealth one can possess. AMUSE aims to be a torch bearer for the same and promote our vision of leading a lifestyle high...
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