Which Rice is Best for Sugar patients?

Rice is a staple diet for many people across the country. However serious health concerns like diabetes devoid a majority of the population from enjoying rice as a part of their daily diet. Everyone might be wondering which rice is the best choice keeping into consideration the health concerns of diabetic people. Usually, rice has a high glycemic index rate which is a major cause of the spike in blood sugar levels. So, best rice for sugar patients is the one that is low glycemic index rice because it helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels.

These are a few of the low gi rice that you can consider as a healthier alternative for diabetic people:

  1. Brown rice

Brown rice is one of the healthiest low gi rice one can consume as the nutrients of brown rice is preserved as only outer layer of rice is removed. This whole grain rice has maximum nutritional value and it also retains majority of the nutrients. However it’s preparation consumes a lot of time. Thus, lower starch content and more fibre content makes brown rice

  1. Black rice

Black rice is another option you can consider for your low gi rice requirement. This rice has a nutty aroma and is rich in fibre. They are rich in nutrients like riboflavin and zinc. Its black colour exists due to its high content of anthocyanin which is the reason for its mild flavour and black colour. Its low glycemic index helps in maintaining balance in your blood sugar levels.

  1. Red rice

Rich in antioxidants like magnesium, red rice is one of the best options for low glycemic index rice. Red rice also shows the presence pf pigment called anthocyanin which is responsible for its red colour. Red rice is usually eaten by removing the outer layer of rice which is called the hull. Other benefits of consuming red rice are maintenance of heart health, weight control and reduction in inflammation.

  1. Wild Rice

Wild rice rich in amino acids and vitamins is one of the best options for low glycemic index rice. These rice are in reality seeds of grass and are rich in fibre.  The powerful lipid-lowering properties and antioxidants keep cholesterol levels low and lower the risk of type two diabetes.

  1. Jasmine Rice

Packed with phytonutrients, Jasmine rice is available in the market in various variants. It would help in enhancing your immune system. It also consists of folic acid which promotes healthy pregnancy. The high fibre content of jasmine rice also improves the digestive system.

Best rice for sugar patients few varieties of rice that a diabetic person could enjoy. The low glycemic index rice prohibits unnecessary spikes in blood sugar levels. Since rice is a staple food of many states in the entire country, it’s properties might not suit a majority of the population. Thus, in the existing era of diseases, low glycemic index rice is one of the best choices for people who wish to prioritise their health and wellness.

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